Completed : HUHOINI PRIMARY SCHOOL – 2 Classroom Renovation

About the Project

The work is beginning to renovate 2 classrooms for the students and teachers at Huhoini School. This will provide a better learning and teaching environment and prevent overcrowding. The building has a solid foundation so renovations of the flooring, rusted tin roof and broken windows are needed. The renovated building will have water harvesting for an additional water source for the school and help with hygiene conditions.


2 Classroom Renovation Completed.  Students will now have much smaller class sizes making learning more productive.

Renovations of the 2 Classrooms are nearly completed.

New Roof ready to be installed.
New Roof ready to be installed.

A current classroom block 

Quick Facts

Cost: $19,500
Location:  Rurii, Kenya
Start Date: January 2022
Project Manager:  Brian Leavitt

Major Donors

Jack and Joan Hilde