About the Project

When we first went to Irbaan School in the Masai Mara in Kenya in 2006 there were 14 students learning in one classroom made of iron sheets. It also doubled up as a kitchen and staff housing in the evening for a teacher.  Our journey with the community began there. Thanks to many who have come on board to support the school.


The Bob and Sandra Northey family were among the first major donors to this project

The Northey family children and friend Donna Roberts at the opening of the classroom

Exterior of the newly built classroom

Students in the newly completed classrooms
Students happily using the classrooms

Jeremiah Principal, showing the original iron sheet classroom

Old Kitchen

7 classrooms before and after

ECD Classrooms

Boonstra Family

Many awards won

Quick Facts

Cost: $70,000
Location: Mara, Kenya
Date Completed: October 31,2014
Project Manager:  Brian Leavitt

Major Donors

Bob and Sandra Northey

Partner Donors

Cliff and Mazel Holm

Kevin and Julie Boonstra

Balmoral Bible Chapel

Chalk and Donna Roberts