In Progress : ISOKON PRIMARY SCHOOL – 12 new toilets

About the Project

Isokon Primary School’s toilet situation is desperate, with more than 650 primary school students sharing eight doors of toilets (four for boys and four for girls). Older latrines have been condemned because they are full, but the boys keep breaking in and using them because the lineups are too long. Twelve doors (six for each gender) of new toilets would begin to alleviate the lineups, and septic tanks would give the facilities longer lifespans.


The foreground toilets are all that serve more than 300 girls. The background toilets are condemned.

Boys have broken into these condemned toilets in desperation.

Quick Facts

Cost: $21,800
Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya,
Start date:
July 2023
Project Manager: Carl Hahn

Major Donors


Partner Donors