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Naikarra Primary School is a new project site for A Better World but not a new area in the Maasai Mara as one of our health project sites is the Naikarra Health Clinic. There are 1576 students who attend school – 804 boys and 772 girls. Student have the option of boarding at the school or attending as day students. 915 of the student’s board, 452 boys and 463 girls. The school has 35 teachers, 25 are paid for by the government and the remaining 10 teacher’s salaries are paid by the parents. Grades 1 to 8 are taught here and in 2019, 130 students successfully passed the grade 8 exam and every one of them continued to high school. Children with physical disabilities also attend and board at the school. The long-term plan for the school’s development is to renovate the dorms and the toilet facilities to make them better accessible for the children with disabilities.


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