About the School

When we first went to Irbaan School in the Masai Mara in Kenya in 2006 there were 14 students learning in one classroom made of iron sheets. It also doubled up as a kitchen and staff housing in the evening for a teacher.  Our journey with the community began there. On the right you will see the projects that have been completed.  Thanks to many who have come on board to support the school.

Irbaan Primary School is a relatively new and rapidly growing school serving remote Maasai communities near the boundaries of the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The teachers – paid entirely by parents – teach 43 children.  The school was registered with the government in 2008 and had grown to about 450 students in 2013, with on-site residences for students and teachers. Currently, there are 228 boys and 238 girls in upper classes. There are 54 boys and 32 girls in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) classes. Thirteen teachers teach these students.



The Bob and Sandra Northey family were among the first major donors to this project

The Northey family children and friend Donna Roberts at the opening of the classroom

Students of the Irbaan Primary School

Irbaan students won regional music awards

Grand opening of the Irbaan Primary School Dormitory
Students of the Irbaan Primary School

Jeremiah Principal, showing the original iron sheet classroom

Old Kitchen

Fred, the founder of Irbaan

Madam Keziah was the first teacher who used the classroom as her housing in the evenings

Many awards are won every year

Burman Acro’s performing