In Progress : KENYA: New Got Osimbo Children’s Home Building

About the Project

MACODEP has purchased land to build a new home for the children at Got Osimbo, in the tribal homeland of most of the children. The home will have two 4-unit multi-residence spaces that will each host 10 children and a house mother (for a total of 80 vulnerable children, 35 of which reside at the MACODEP children’s home in Kibera).


Walls are nearly completed

Walls are nearly completed

Walls are going up

Foundation work has started

Construction work is starting

Ground Breaking Ceremony.

Ground Breaking Ceremony.

Building plans for the new Home

Quick Facts

Cost: $150,000
Location: Got Osimbo, Kenya
Start Date: May 2021
Project Manager: Robert Toole

Major Donors

Robert Toole