About the Project

Kiprengwe Primary School is perched on the top of a steep hill and the area is infamous for its hilly terrain.  To aid the students in getting to and from school, Kelly and Melissa have partnered with Kona Mountain Bike company to help provide transportation for the students.  Kona has graciously offered to design and create a bike specific to the terrain and age group of the students. As some students are currently walking over twenty kilometres a day. These bikes will ultimately increase the student’s quality of life, increase their productivity, decrease drop out rates, and increase their safety. Additionally, providing Kiprengwe with bicycles will increase the students’ and teachers’ available time and energy to focus on their studies. If they are provided with the right tools, support and opportunities, the students of Kiprengwe have a bright future.


Student with new bike
Another student using their new bike
Kona Bikes

Quick Facts

Cost: $48,570
Location: Kericho, Kenya 
Date Completed: 2013
Project Manager: Kelly MacVIcar and Melissa Farahat 

Major Donors

Kona Mountain Bikes

Partner Donors