Completed : KOIGE PRIMARY SCHOOL – 6 Boys’ Toilets

About the Project

The existing toilets at Koige Primary School are run down and in poor shape. There are 382 boys enrolled at Koige Primary, and the school critically needs six new boys’ toilets. A Better World will construct these six toilets to support students at Koige Primary and enable better hygiene practices. A handwashing station will also be installed.


Toilets with water harvesting have been completed.

Toilets have been completed.

Roofing work has been completed.

Walls are completed and roofing work will start.

Walls are completed and roofing work will start.

Walls are going up.

 Below ground work has been completed

Below ground work has started.

Below ground work has started.

Building materials have been delivered.

Digging the hole has been completed.

The parents were able to contribute manual labor and dig down 5 ft. in one day.

A total of 184 parents were present to help with digging the hole.

the existing toilets

Quick Facts

Cost: $10,000
Location: Kericho, Kenya
Start Date: August 2022
Project Manager: Eric Rajah

Major Donors

Bernhard Melitz Foundation

Partner Donors