Completed : TURKANA EDUCATION CENTER – 4 Boys, 4 Girls, and 2 Teachers Toilets

About the Project

The Turkana Education Centre has seen great improvements over recent years. In February 2022, four new classrooms were completed, and enrolment continues to increase each year.  The number of classrooms has increased from just two in 2012 to ten now in 2022 but the number of toilets has remained the same.  The current 4 toilets could not accommodate the nearly 400 students registered so new toilets were urgently needed. 


10 new toilets are almost complete

Early stage of construction of new TEC toilets

Existing toilets at the Turkana Education Center

Quick Facts

Cost: $21,000
Location: Lodwar, Kenya
Completion Date: November 2023
Project Manager: Rick Wiebe

Major Donors

Scott Wening

Partner Donors

Joanne Ward