In Progress : MAHUA PRIMARY SCHOOL – ECD Classroom and Office

About the Project

Early Childhood Development (ECD) children are typically divided into two levels – Pre-Primary1 and Pre-Primary2 – with very different curricula. Currently Mahua’s ECD classes are held in one classroom with a rough partition built down the middle, which does little to stop the noise. ABW normally builds ECD centres with two classrooms separated by a staff office, so this project will bring that component of this school up to standard.


Moreover, this project will provide temporary space for primary students while their classrooms are renovated, which is a high priority for the school.


Walls were erected quickly and the roof structure was begun.

Foundations and floors have been completed.

The current ECD Centre is limited to one classroom.

A rough partition separates PP1 from PP2.

Quick Facts

Cost: $19,500
Location: Nyandarua County, Kenya
Start Date: 2023
Project Manager:
Warren Schnoor

Major Donors

Green Lake Church

Partner Donors