About the Project

Even though Majengo Primary School has 674 students and 14 teachers, appropriate bathroom facilities were not available. The student bathroom block was too small for the number of students enrolled and the toilets were dysfunctional. The toilets in the staff bathrooms also did not work properly. This posed a major health risk to the students and staff.

One of the goals of the World Health Organization is to improve sanitation. This would lead to decreased illness, increased health and better school attendance (especially for girls). It is also important to educate children on proper sanitation and hygiene.

The new bathroom facilities provide seven toilets for the boys, seven for the girls, and two for staff, along with hand-washing stations, running water from a rain catchment system, and working septic tanks.


Old student bathrooms at Majengo Primary
Old staff bathrooms at Majengo Primary
New Teachers block outside
New toilet corridor
New toilet interior
Students at Majengo Primary School
New Urinals

Quick Facts

Cost: $16,000
Location: Mombo, Tanzania
Start Date: November 1, 2018
Finish Date: March 30, 2019
Project Manager: Rama Kaoneka

Major Donors

Cathy Roozen

Partner Donors