About the Program

The very first project A Better World completed was providing surgery to fifteen children. That project grew into the current medical program. Each year, donors make it possible to construct, upgrade and maintain Health Care Centers as well as provide medical services and aides, health education, equipment, vaccinations and medicine.

Surgery and rehabilitation services for the disabled are still important and you can read more about that here.

Twice a year, medical teams travel to various locations around the world to treat patients and train local medical staff. These services encourage continued professional education, personal hygiene, nutrition, disease prevention and environmental awareness. Training sessions include how to diagnose, provide care and use equipment, as well as how to handle trauma, chronic illnesses and accidents. Over 40,000 people benefit from this service each year.



Quick Facts

Cost: $25,000
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Dr. Ray Comeau

Major Donors

Drs. Janet and Jon Velasco

Partner Donors

Many generous A Better World donors

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