About the Health Centre

The Mombo Health Center (MHC), located in Mombo, Tanzania serves a large number of people in a vast area. It has facilities for inpatient, outpatient, and maternity services. Two assessments of the site have been done, the most recent in December 2018. Two teams of medical professionals from A Better World have visited MHC, one medical/dental team and one surgical team.

MHC is in need of infrastructure improvements and additional training to enable the staff to serve the community with a higher quality of care. The long-term goal is to have a fully-functioning hospital with up-to-date technology and resources.

Special Thanks to Cathy Roozen for her dedication to the Mombo Health Center.


COVID supplies delivered

COVID supplies delivered

Dr. Clephance Joseph with Rama Kaoneka ABW project manager discussing needs at the health centre
Patents at the health centre

Current male and female ward

Dr. Lehndorff in the maternity ward
Dr. Clephance Joseph medical director and surgeon
Operating theatre nurse Victoria showing equipment that needs replacement
Matron in charge Theresa reviewing birth records
Dr. Wane Church from ABW with Dr. Joseph
outpatient waiting area at the health centre
Medical assessment team from Canada
Medical assessment team from ABW Canada

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