Completed : MURINDU HIGHWAY PRIMARY SCHOOL – 4 New Classrooms

About the Project

Murindu Highway Primary was a new partner with A Better World in Nakuru County in 2023, when ABW built four new classrooms and a kitchen for the school. There are many further needs at the school. Another four new classrooms, completely finished with painting and blackboards, will accommodate some growth as the school takes on the junior secondary level, and will continue to replace some of the wooden and iron-sheet structures. New classrooms will provide cleaner and more effective learning environment where teachers can do their work more effectively and students can better focus on learning.


One of the completed classroom interiors.

The new classrooms look great!

The windows and doors are fully installed. 

Inside one of the new classrooms.

Finishing joints and installing windows and doors.

The roof is going up.

The roof in progress.

The walls have rapidly gone up.

MP Martha Wangari is helping break ground for the new classrooms.

Some classrooms are still sheathed in worn panelling or gapped boards, with dirt floors.

The iron-sheet buildings need to be replaced with new classrooms.

Quick Facts

Cost: $48,500
Location: Nakuru County, Kenya
Completion Date: April 2024
Canadian Project Manager: Warren Schnoor
In-country Manager: Lawrence Mathea

Major Donors

Gord and Kate Bontje

Partner Donors