In Progress : MWENJA COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL – 4 Classroom Renovation

About the Project

Mwenja Comprehensive School (formerly Mwenja Primary School) is well established and supported, but the buildings are old without good maintenance. Of the eight older classrooms, four are in especially bad condition, both inside and out. They were never plastered and have dirt floors, and the shutters are falling off. Renovated rooms will offer smooth, safer floors, better blackboards, and freshly plastered and painted wall that allow visual aids to be posted and reflective surfaces to make the room brighter.


The work has begun. 

MP Michael Muchira helping remove a window at the ceremonial start of the renovations.

The current buildings are in poor condition.

The classrooms are old and deteriorating.

Quick Facts

Cost: $30,000
Location: Ol Joro Orok, Kenya
Start Date: 2024
Canadian Project Manager: Warren Schnoor
In-country Manager: Lawrence Mathea

Major Donors

MacPhail Family

Malcolm Family

Partner Donors