In Progress : Mwisho Wa Shamba Primary School – 16 Toilets

About the Project

The toilets at the school are in poor condition and there are not enough to accommodate the number of students. The school has only 4 toilets for the primary students, 2 toilets for the ECD students and 3 toilets for the staff. This year, we plan on providing the school with 16 new toilets with hand washing stations, 12 toilets for the students and 4 toilets for the teachers. Improved sanitation reduces illness, increasing school attendance, especially for the girls.


Toilet walls have been completed, ready for roofing

Construction has started

Foundation being laid

Old Toilets

Old Toilets

Old Toilets

Quick Facts

Cost: $15,000
Location: Korogwe Rural District
Expected Start Date: August 2020
Project Manager: Rama Kaoneka

Major Donors

Cathy Roozen

Partner Donors