About the Project

Because of the population catchment that the Health Centre provides care for, not all patients are able to make it to the clinic on their own. The Health Centre has an ambulance that picks up those who cannot travel by foot to the clinic. Additionally, since the Health Centre treats a rural population, the Health Centre is not equipped to deal with every type of injury. In these cases, the clinic treats the patients to the extent to which it is safe to transport them to a bigger hospital. This year, the clinic’s ambulance needed various repairs and needed to be refitted with medical equipment. With the help of our donors, we were able to provide the needed upgrades to the ambulance.


Quick Facts

Cost: $6,500
Location: Maasai Mara
Start Date: April 2017
Completion Date: April 2017
Project Manager: Eric Rajah

Major Donors

Jack and Joan Hilde

Partner Donors