Completed : NAIKARRA HEALTH CLINIC – Dental Chair

About the Project

Interest in a dental clinic at Niakarra Health Centre began several years ago. Now a new step in development of the clinic is to provide a functional dental chair with a delivery unit that will allow the introduction of rotary instrumentation. With such, dental services can be extended to include restorative (fillings) and endodontic (root canal therapy) procedures. It will definitely benefit the community since individuals in this rural area will be able to obtain dental services locally rather than having to invest time and resources for transportation to another clinic a couple hours away.


The new dental chair in Naikarra

A new compressor powers the dentistry tools.

Quick Facts

Cost: $10,000
Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya
Completion Date: June 2024
Canadian Project Manager: Kelvin Hill
In-country Manager: Leonard Loontaye

Major Donors

Kelvin and Marcia Hill
Anonymous Donor

Partner Donors

Scott Wyzykoski
Urpo and Pirkko Maattanen