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Completed : NAIKARRA HEALTH CLINIC – Septic System

About the Project

Naikarra Health Centre is the site of several other ABW projects, including renovations to create a rehab room and a dental clinic, and adding toilets, solar lighting, and water catchment. The clinic’s septic tank is collapsing, which presents some risk of accidental injury (the land is flagged to prevent people from walking on it) as well as contamination. Replacing the septic tank structure with a new, stone-walled tank with a secure top and manhole access will create a safer environment and ensure the proper function of the clinic’s waste management.


Connecting the inlet and outlet pipes to the tank.

The new septic system is underway.

The septic tank structure that needs to be replaced.

Naikarra Health Clinic is essential for the community as it provides accessible and quality healthcare services.

Quick Facts

Cost: $6,500
Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya
Completion Date: January 2024
Project Manager: Carl Hahn

Major Donors

Blair and Cathy Wright

Partner Donors

10 other ABW donors