Completed : NAIKARRA PRIMARY SCHOOL – New Kitchen

About the Project

The Naikarra Primary School accommodates both boarding and daily attending students for Grades 1-8. There are 680 (363 Boys and 317 Girls) boarding students who rely on the kitchen facility at the school for their daily meals. 

The current kitchen is poorly ventilated. It also does not have a sink, water system or plumbing. This requires the staff to carry containers of water to tidy the kitchen and wash the dishes from a bucket each day. A new kitchen with proper ventilation, plumbing, and a water system will allow the implementation of an improved feeding program. The new kitchen will greatly benefit the students and the kitchen staff.


Kitchen is complete and ready for the school to use to cook meals for the students.

Gutters and Tank have been installed to collect rain water.

The interior of the kitchen is complete.

Kitchen with water harvesting and water tank is complete.

Tiles have been installed.

Cooking stoves have been delivered. 

Plumbing is being installed

Walls and roof are completed.

 Walls have gone up.

 Walls have gone up.

The community and parents contributing with their labour

The community and parents contributing with their labour

 Foundation work has been completed.

Work on the foundation has started

Work on the foundation has started

 Current kitchen at Naikarra School

The kitchen lacks proper ventilation

Quick Facts

Cost: $36,500
Location:  Maasai Mara, Kenya
Start Date: March 2022
Project Manager:  Brian Leavitt

Major Donors

Jack and Joan Hilde

Partner Donors

Joe and Linda Skwarchuk
Bill and Joan Skwarchuk