Completed : OLE KEENE BOARDING COMPREHENSIVE SCHOOL – Boys and Girls Dormitories

About the Project

In 2022, Ole Keene Boarding Comprehensive School (formerly Ole Keene Boarding Primary School) was mostly small, iron-sheet buildings with open windows and concrete floors. In 2023, ABW built two primary classrooms and an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre and ECD toilets. Among other needs is space for resident students since current dormitories are old iron-sheet classrooms with poor ventilation, no lights and limited space. ABW plans to build two new dormitory buildings that will provide boys and girls with much more reasonable accommodations. Attached toilets will provide security, so they will not have to traverse to the school in the darkness, and security walls will keep out trespassing animals.


The completed boys’ dorm! The girls’ dorm is also finished.

Inside the dorm.

Progress on the girls’ dorm: the walls are almost finished.

The boys’ dormitory with the roof on.

The walls are rapidly being erected now that the groundwork is laid.

They pose a significant challenge to the well-being and comfort of the students residing there.

Two old iron-sheet classrooms are used as the current dormitories.

Quick Facts

Cost: $40,000
Location: Narok County, Kenya
Completion Date: April 2024
Canadian Project Manager: Carl Hahn
In-country Manager: Lawrence Mathea

Major Donors

Phil Hubbard

Partner Donors