Completed : OSARARA CLINIC – Clinic Building Phase 1

About the Project

Osarara Clinic serves a population of around 4500 people but the building was condemned and is verging on collapse now. ABW believes that building a new clinic with ample water collection would return centralized health care to the community, freeing the clinical officer from extensive travelling and allowing him more time to dedicate to health care. The first phase of the project would include the front two-thirds of the floor plan and a water collection system. The system would include a ground-level tank and a pump to supply a rooftop tank to supply the building by gravity, and to supply neighbouring buildings.


Tiling is in progress. 

The clinic will soon be finished! A shipment of tiles will arrive shortly.

Painting in progress.

Further progress on the exterior. 

The installation of windows and doors is underway.

The roofing is being installed.

The workers are constructing the wooden structure that will support the metal sheet roofing.

The walls are near completion, and the building will soon be ready for the roof.

Сonstruction personnel are actively working on the clinic building.

Participation in the groud-breaking ceremony.

Some of the materials that were delivered to the clinic.

The clinic’s roof leaks increasingly badly.

New significant cracks are visible at each visit.

Quick Facts

Cost: $43,000
Location: Maasai Mara, Kenya
Completion Date: April 2024
Canadian Project Manager: Carl Hahn/Barbara Wade
In-country Manager: Lawrence Mathea/Leonard Loontaye

Major Donors

Dr. Mandy and Daryl Hyde
Barbara and Leonard Wade
Bernhard Melitz Foundation

Partner Donors