About the Project

For 30 years A Better World has provided surgery, rehabilitation services, and infrastructure support for children with disabilities.

This new facility will enlarge and upgrade the Kendu Adventist Hospital physiotherapy department to meet the needs of patients at the hospital and the orthopedic surgical program. In addition, it will provide space for occupational therapy and an outpatient pediatric program to expand the scope and reach of rehabilitation services to the community. As a centre of excellence for pediatric care, families of children with disabilities will be able to receive early intervention and ongoing rehabilitation to maximize independence.

The new facility will include wheelchair-accessible toilets and landscaping which will include a covered walkway between the Centre and toilets.

About Dr. Ken Hill

When A Better World was launched in 1990, the organization was blessed with the dedication and commitment of Ken Hill.  Recently retired as an Associate Professor of Physiotherapy, Ken volunteered to provide rehabilitation training and assess the needs of children with disabilities in Kendu Bay, Kenya. Through this initiation he established the ABW Surgery and Rehab program that has brought mobility to more than 10,000 children in Kenya.  Ken and his wife Hazel visited the project site for over 10 years and spent a year in Kendu Bay to ensure the program’s success.  During this time he established a vibrant Community-Based Rehabilitation program in partnership with local communities and government agencies.  For his tireless volunteer work Dalhousie University awarded him an honorary doctoral degree (LLD) in 2002.  His dedication and passion helped expand the work of A Better World and, on this 30th Anniversary of A Better World (2020), the family and friends of Ken and Hazel Hill have chosen to remember him with a new facility for rehabilitation “The Professor Hill Rehabilitation Centre” at Kendu Adventist Hospital.  Ken passed away on December 17, 2017.


Professor Ken Hill

Eric’s first trip to see Dr. Hill in Nov. 1990

Previously, the hospital was only using 2 small rooms for rehab

The Professor Hill Rehabilitation Center is now complete

The Professor Hill Rehabilitation Center is now complete

The Professor Hill Rehabilitation Center is now complete

The Professor Hill Rehabilitation Center is now complete

Reception desk is finished

Final details to be finished

Final details to be finished

Flooring in the finishing stage

Finishing in progress

Finishing Phase

Roofing structure in place

Plastering has started around the windows and doors

The roof has gone on

Plastering of the building has started

Roofing started along with the doors and windows being installed.

Walls have gone up

Walls have gone up

Walls are going up

Walls are going up

Walls are going up

Concrete flooring in progress

Foundation work in progress

Preparing the foundation

Foundation work has started

Breaking the ground for the Professor Hill Rehabilitation Centre.

Opening day ceremony with speeches given by Karen Leung (daughter of Ken Hill) and Marcia Hill (daughter in law).

Quick Facts

Cost: $65,000
Location: Kendu Bay, Kenya
Completion Date: November 2020
Project Manager: Brian Leavitt

Major Donors

Hazel Hill
The Hill Family in Memory of Ken Hill

Partner Donors

Roger and Mona Walls
The Estate of A. Norman and
Frances Jean How
Larry and Sharna Lang