Completed : RAPOGI PRIMARY SCHOOL – Dining and Special Events Hall

About the Project

The 380 students at the Rapogi Lwanda primary school receive a lunch plate at the temporary kitchen and sit at the edge of the veranda or on the ground. The conditions are either mud or dust. The 90 orphans living in the dormitory eat all meals at the school for the full year. A dining hall will provide a space for children to sit at tables and benches in shade and protected from rain. The furniture will be made under supervision in the Carpentry classroom at the Vocational Centre by groups of four orphans who have completed Grade 8. A new Kitchen is included in the Dining Hall. The Hall also provides a protected space for special events such as Graduations, choir concerts and presentations by visiting speakers.


Dining Hall completed.

Dining Hall completed.

Roofing work is complete. The Dining Hall is in the finishing stage.
roofing work has started
roofing work has started
walls have gone up.
walls have gone up.
Foundation work and cement flooring are completed.
Foundation work and cement flooring are completed.
Building plans for the dining and special events hall

Quick Facts

Cost: $52,000
Location: Migori Province, Kenya
Start Date: June 2021
Project Manager: Keith Clouten

Major Donors

Keith and Ngaire Clouten

Partner Donors

Murvin and Carol Nicks

Robert and Marlene Holdal

Russell and Carol Tataryn

Robert and Ellen Belle

Ron Bissell

Urpo and Pirkko Maattanen