Needs Funding : Support for Students in School

About the Project

Building and equipping schools is one part of supporting the education of children, but there it takes more than roofs and desks to ensure a child stays in school and learns. A Better World has developed several programs to provide assistance to children in need, through the schools they attend. Some of our programs also provide work for local Kenyans.

School Uniforms and Sweaters

School uniforms are required at many public schools. Even though these schools often permit children to attend if their families cannot afford a uniform, the lack of a uniform stigmatizes the children among their peers. As well, many children lack sweaters to keep them warm in class. Donations will buy uniforms and sweaters for students as needed.

Girls’ Hygiene Kits

For maturing girls, purchasing feminine hygiene products can be too great an expense, resulting in decreased school attendance. This program purchases reusable hygiene products handsewn in Kenya, which schools can provide to students as needed.

Food for Schools

While most schools are able to provide meals for students when feeding programs are in place, in some circumstances they need a little help with temporary food purchases or establishing gardens. Having access to food can be a strong motivator to keep children in attendance, especially in some of the poorest communities where A Better World works. Donations to this program supplement a fund that is accessed as needed.


Murindu Primary School students with new uniforms (May 2024)

Students with their new sweaters

School gardens can help feed students.

Girls benefit from hygiene kits provided at school

Quick Facts

Cost: $25,000
Project Manager: Lawrence Mathea

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