Needs Funding : Surgery and Rehab Services (January-June 2019)

About the Project

Each year, A Better World aims to complete two sets of surgeries. Between January and June 2019, we have 50 children needing surgery and rehab services at three sites in Kenya. Patients also come from Tanzania and Uganda. We are grateful for the surgical team from Finland that comes every year to provide the surgeries for these children, supported by the Canadian rehab team.


A child who benefited from surgery
Karen Leung, Physiotherapy Program Director with local physiotherapists
Playing soccer outside the A Better World Rehab Center
Rehab team from Canada

Quick Facts

Cost: $15,000
Raised to date: $7,000
Location: Kendu Bay, Kenya
Start Date: January 2019
Project Manager: Karen Leung, PT

Major Donors

Henry and Karen Leung

George and Lorna Quoroni

Partner Donors

Ingrid Nossack Diane 

Norm Pearson Donna Carson