Completed : Surgery and Rehab Services (1990 – 2017)

About the Project

The Surgery and Rehab Service has 3 facilities, 10,170 patients, and 6 staff. There is $350,000 invested in this project. The cost of each surgery and post-operation rehab is $300 and includes accommodation and proper nutrition at one of our three rehabilitation centers during the recovery process.


  • One of the very first projects that ABW started in 1990 was surgery and rehabilitation for disabled children
  • Still continues with 100 surgeries/year
  • Post-surgery rehab cares for an additional 300 children every year
  • To date, over 10,170 children have received some level of mobility


Quick Facts

Cost: $350,000
Location: Kendu Bay, Kenya
Completion Date: From 1990-2017
Project Manager: Dr. Ken Hill, Karen Leung, PT

Major Donors

Karen and Henry Leung
Gary Gant
Gord and Kathy Bontje
Ray and Kelly Loxdale

Partner Donors

Ken and Hazel Hill
Many generous A Better World donors