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Mwisho wa Shamba Secondary School was established in 2007 and is located in Korogwe Rural District, Tanzania. The area has a population of approximately 19,780. Over the years, the school has witnessed a substantial growth in student enrollment, with the number of registered students surpassing 700.

The school has 12 classrooms but only 10 of them are usable. The government built 2 new classrooms and 1 science room. Teachers and students share 10 toilets. The only water catchment is one old cistern that isn’t properly connected to the existing buildings.


Many of the classrooms in use are old and run-down.

Current workspace allocated for the staff.

The only water catchment is one old cistern.

The government has recently constructed two new classrooms, along with an office.

A new laboratory was also built by the government.

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