About the Project

In partnership with the Ubumwe Community Centre, A Better World helps ensure that children with disabilities can receive the surgeries and rehabilitation services they need to reach their full potential. There is a constant and going need for surgeries, but they can only be performed as funding becomes available. Due to the generosity of our donors, hundreds of children have already received life-changing procedures. With your continued support, we look forward to developing our Surgery and Rehabilitation program even further in 2021.


When Braven first came to UCC he had difficulties holding his neck up, sitting and crawling. He can now sit without support, is continuing to work on crawling and his other fine motor skills.

In the past, Samuel had trouble sitting, standing and walking. He is now able to do all these things without support and has even learned how to ride a bike.
This is Saleh, when she first arrived at UCC she was unable to stand but through hard work she can now stand with support.
Eric was unable to walk in the past but he is now walking without support.
Joaibu needed a wheelchair and required help to sit.  He has now progressed to only needing crutches to walk.

Quick Facts

Location: Gisenyi, Rwanda
Start Date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Eric Rajah

Major Donors

Scott Sankey

Partner Donors