About the Project

The area of West Pokot is an area with high poverty. It is characterised by the absence of social amenities like schools, hospitals, and clean water. Because of this, most people drink contaminated water from seasonal rivers. West Pokot has an average rainfall per year of only 5 inches (127mm), this and the high temperatures can make the streams dry up quickly, making the water in the community scarce.  Aside from this, collecting water typically falls under the responsibility of women and girls and they often must walk quite far to get it. Water collection can also take time away from girls’ education and sometimes even prevent their attending school altogether.

Access to a clean and reliable water source is not only important for the quality of life and health of community members, but it also empowers a community economically since water is essential for livestock and agriculture, amongst other income-generating activities.

Therefore, ABW has partnered with Solar World to drill a deep water well in the West Pokot community, as well as 2 showers, one for men and one for women.


Community members getting water from the kiosk

Cattle drinking from the water trough

The tank has been constructed, fence is almost complete around perimeter

The pump is working smoothly

Community members helping with the ballast prep.

A mother and her baby after collecting water

There is a desperate need for water

Quick Facts

Cost: $71,500
Location: West Pokot, Kenya
Start Date: March 2022
Project Manager: Rick Wiebe

Major Donors

Marilynn Mann

Ron Letniak

Don & Charlene Dubyna 

Murray & Linda McGill

Neil & Vera Tomalty

Partner Donors