Projects by Country

This is a listing of our projects by country. Some of these projects are complete, some are in progress, and some need funding. This list was prepared to make it easier for you to search a specific project by name. If you are looking to fund a project, click here.

Afghanistan  Country Page >

100 Classrooms Project – Afghanistan

Arab Khana High School

Education Program

Fatemi Balkhy High School

Kabul Blind School

Kabul Water Project

Khatoon Qala Boys/Girls High School

Kinara Secondary School

Maulana Aznab High School

Nisswan ll Girl’s High School

Project J Secondary School

Qara Kent Girls’ High School

Qualai-e-Haji Primary School

Quanchuga Girls’ High School

Sheberghan Water Project

Tunika Hassan Tabin High School

Water Program

Belize  Country Page >

Belize Providence High School

Education Program

Bolivia  Country Page >

AMe Bolivia

Bolivia Richard Gates Industrial School

Bolivia University Scholarship Project

Bolivia Water Project

CERENID Boarding School

El Sauce

Familia Feliz

Health Program

Water Program

Canada  Country Page >

Community Compassion 12

Education Program

Health Program

Neighbours Project

Project Administration Expenses

Rosedale Valley Strings Projects

Ghana  Country Page >

Ambulance for Dominase Hospital

Guatemala  Country Page >

Education Program

San Jose School

Haiti  Country Page >

Dezam Primary School

Haiti Ephesus School

Port-Au-Prince Sewing Centre

Honduras  Country Page >

Carizalito School

Casita Copan Children’s Home

Education Program

El Chilar School

Honduras Computer Based Learning

Los Arcos School

Nueva Armenia Clinic

India  Country Page >

Champhai Computer Institute of Technology Tuition Sponsorship

Mrs. Dara’s Project

Zokhawthar Clinic Construction

Kenya  Country Page >

Agano Junior Academy

Agriculture Program

Balochi Breakfast Centre

Community Health/Medical Clinic Service

Daaba Primary School

Dental Service

East African Mission Orphanage

Education Program

Endonyio Erinka Community Health Centre

Enkinda Secondary School

Gilgil Primary School

Health Program

Ikonge Primary School

Imara Nursery School (Maddy ECDE Centre)

Income Generation Program (Table Banking)

Irbaan Primary School

Jerusalem Village Project

Jipe Moyo Nursery School

Kedowa Special School for the Deaf

Kipchimchim Hostel for the Physically Handicapped

Kipkeremwo Primary School

Kiprengwe Primary

Kipsotet Primary School

Lamu Special School

Lodwar-Turkana Educational Center

Loigero Primary School

Maji Moto Children’s Bunk-Bed Project

Male Primary School

Male Secondary School

Manda Maweni Primary School

Medical Training Service

Naikarra Health Clinic

Ndanai Primary School

Ndanai Small Home for the Physically Challenged

Nyaburi Integrated School for the Physically Handicapped

Olepariata Primary School

Projects by the Bontje Family and Laebon Homes

Rapogi Primary School

Ringa Primary School

Rusoy Community Water Project

Segera Mission

Segera Mission Clinic

Sekenani Primary School

Simotwet Primary School

Sogobet Primary School

Sopa Clinic (Enketoria Health Centre)

St Ann Baby and Children’s Home Capital Projects

St. Ann Baby and Children’s Home

Surgery and Rehab Service

Talek Health Centre

Teacher Training Service

Textbook Project

Toilet Projects

Tomorrow’s EDGE

Tulwap Nursery (ECD) School

Tulwap Primary School

Tulwap Secondary School

Water Program

Romania  Country Page >

Moldovan House Project

Rwanda  Country Page >

Amahoro Orphanage

Florence Nikuze House Construction

Health Program

Iwacu Orphanage

Jabez House

Kacyiru Primary School

Rwanda Water Project

Rwankeri College Girls Dormitory

Rwankeri Secondary School Dormitory Construction

Ubumwe Community Center (UCC)

Umutara School for the Deaf

Somalia  Country Page >

Education for Somalia

South Africa  Country Page >

Ubuntu Design Group

South Sudan  Country Page >

Atar Water Project

Water Program

Sri Lanka  Country Page >

Lakpahana Adventist College

Sudan  Country Page >

Al Karou School Refurbishment and Construction

Kosti Refugee Camp Water Project

Midwifery School Rehabilitation

Water Program

Tanzania  Country Page >

Chekelei Secondary School

Community Development in Tanzania

Community Health/Medical Clinic Service

Health Program

Jitengeni Primary School

Kilole Primary School

Mabogo Primary School

Majengo Primary School

Mbaghai Secondary School

Patema Secondary School

Roozen Projects

Semkiwa Secondary School

Toilet Projects

Thailand  Country Page >

Health Program

She Has A Name – Thailand

About our Projects

We employ an approach focused on total community development. A series of initiatives are designed to provide communities with a holistic approach tailored specifically for their needs. This ensures that all factors of poverty are being addressed and the foundations necessary for a healthier, more productive society, and ultimately one that is free of poverty, are in place.

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