2021 Projects in Need of Funding

Surgeries, Rehab and Medication – AMe Bolivia

AMe’s purpose is to provide medical treatment,rehabilitation and physiotherapy to marginalized individuals who are unable to afford proper health care.

Cost: $25,000
Raised to date:
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Rob Weich

Clean Water Program

Every year, A Better World aims to provide clean water for communities around the world, including in Kenya, Bolivia, and Afghanistan. In 2021, the goal is to build 10 water catchment systems, 5 shallow wells and 2 deep wells in Kenya.

Cost: $150,000
Raised to date: $50,000
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager Stu MacPhail

Dental Program

Each year, a dental team made of dentists, dental hygienists, dental students and support staff set up clinics in rural locations to provide immediate dental care for patients, as well as oral hygiene training.

Cost: $15,000
Raised to date: $3,200
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Dr. Kelvin Hill

Kacyiru Primary School
Sponsoring 50 Children

50 children are sponsored to attend school every year. They are provided with an opportunity to attend school, receive a daily nutritious meal, and have their medical needs addressed.

Cost: $15,000
Raised to date: $1,000
Expected start date: January 2021
Project Manager: Debra Brosseuk

Medical Program

Each year, the goal is to construct, upgrade and maintain Health Care Centers as well as provide medical services and aides, health education, equipment, vaccinations and medicine. Twice a year, a medical team travels to various locations in Bolivia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania to treat patients and train local medical staff.

Cost: $25,000
Raised to date: $9,000
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Dr. Ray Comeau


Surgery and Rehab Services

In partnership with ADRA Finland, A Better World aims to continue its surgery and rehab services for children in 2021.

Cost: $25,000
Raised to date:
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Karen Leung, PT



Girls Need You

Copper Lane Hair Studios wants to shed some light on the basic needs that girls and women in Kenya are living without. This project will supply women with reusable feminine hygiene kits ($10/kit).

Cost: $10,000
Raised to date: $2,000
Expected start date: January 1, 2021
Project Manager: Lane Tomalty


RAPOGI PRIMARY SCHOOL – Dining and Special Events Hall

The 380 students at the Rapogi Lwanda primary school receive a lunch plate at the temporary kitchen and sit at the edge of the veranda or on the ground. The conditions are either mud or dust. The 90 orphans living in the dormitory eat all meals at the school for the full year. A dining hall will provide a space for children to sit at tables and benches in shade and protected from rain.

Cost: $52,000
Raised to date: $5,000
Expected Start Date: when funding is secured
Project Manager: Keith Clouten

School Sweaters Project

School sweaters not only keep students warm on chilly days, but also contribute to less missed days at school due to illness, raised student self-esteem, and income generation for local sewing groups.

Cost: $20,000
Raised to date: $10,423
Start date: January 1, 2021
Project Manager: Julie Stegmaier