Quanchugha High School Interview

This interview is with students, community leaders, and the principal from Quanchugha High School
A school built by A Better World

Quanchugha High School is a school completed by A Better World

Meriam: I am grade12th at Qanchugha girls high school.

Feroza: I am Feroza grade 12th at Qanchugha girls high school.

Meriam: I want to study law school in the future.

Feroza: I want to become a doctor in the future.

Meriam: I want to be a member of parliament and serve my people.

Feroza: I have seen my brother get sick many times.

Meriam: My first step will be to restore peace, eradicate narcotics and promote education in the country.

Feroza: As we know because of the insufficient health services in Sheberghan, people have to go a long way (MAZAR or KABUL) to get the patient to the hospital and or doctor. So I want to become a doctor in the future and serve my people just here in Sheberghan.

Community elder:
I have two wives, 9 daughters from first wife, 2 sons and 1 daughter from second wife, total 12 children. two of my daughters are bachelors, and the rest are all in school.

Welcome to Sheberghan! Peace and literacy are interdependent. When there is peace there is education and vice versa. Surely literacy and education can bring economic and welfare changes to the people’s lives.

School principal: Qanchugha girls high school.

I’m a manager! Head of school, wish all students become literate like me. And to serve and educate children of our communities.