Quara Kent High School Interview

This interview is with students, teachers, and community leaders from Quara Kent High School

My name is Marina grade 11th at Qarakent school.
After finishing high school, I want to continue my education in the field of reproductive health and obstetrics and become a gynecologist. I feel this way I can serve other women.

My name is Noorya grade 12th at Qarakent school.
I want to study law, I think I should defend women’s rights, I want to be women’s rights activist. Currently law faculties are disabled in Sheberghan and I must attend Mazar or Kabul University.

My name is Arezo, I am a teacher at Qarakent school.
It was my childhood dream to be a teacher, having student and teaching them, I am hoping my students are teachers of futures and educate little kids of their communities.

My name is Yar Muhammad, I am a member of parents Shura (council).
I wish an end of wars, and hope prosperity to all. Previously, our school was a dilapidated one, but your office came and built a scenic building for us, thereafter the number of enrollments have been increasing.