Remembering Arni Skoretz

Dear friends of A Better World,

We are deeply saddened today at the passing of our friend Arni Skoretz. Many of you know Arni and might even have travelled with him and his family to Kenya. Arni was a founding donor of A Better World, and continued to generously support numerous projects over 32 years. He not only gave financially, but believed firmly in our work and lobbied for us. He was at times a trusted advisor and always a compassionate advocate.

Despite needing the assistance of a wheelchair, Arni travelled with his family to Kenya in the fall of 2004. There they met Janet, the young woman whom Arni and Elvine supported through many reconstructive surgeries, as well as through her education and business development. Janet was one of our most prominent beneficiaries and helped define what A Better World is about: helping truly disadvantaged young people find a brighter future.

Arni’s ready smile and genuine enthusiasm for our cause will be missed. Arni is survived by his wife, Elvine, children Justin, Kimberly and Rachelle, and five grandchildren.