Restoring Learning Technologies: 1760 Chromebooks for Dominica Students


November 2019 – Following Hurricane Maria, IT for Dominica and the Rotary Club delivered and installed 1760 Chromebooks and all the networking equipment necessary to provide contemporary learning for over 2700 students in the Commonwealth of Dominica. A team of six Canadians and seven Dominicans installed all learning technologies in twenty-four Dominican schools within a two-week window – a huge undertaking. Today students are learning using today’s tools.

Instead of rote learning, students now have access to learning technologies that connect them to the world’s information. They now connect to others across the island and in distant lands. They have access to the learning resources provided across the globe and they have opportunities unavailable previously.

Thanks to our partners, our donors, and our volunteers, half of all primary students in Dominica have the necessary tools to connect to others, to connect to information, and to learn in the same manner as students in Canadian schools.