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Rick Wiebe Travel Blog – Massai Mara

We first stopped at the health centre as we have done some renovations to it.

We built a ramp for the students in wheelchairs. They have much better access now.

A generous donor provided rehab equipment.

The Naikarra school now has cement pathways for the students in wheelchairs. The grounds are completely accessible to them.

Lawrence Mathea, our project manager on the far right, was supported by the school administration to build toilets and showers for the boys and girls who reside in the dormitory

This guy (9years old) was born with out legs, his right hand only has 3 fingers and yet he is sharp and does really well with his studies. The other students really treat him well. Very uplifting to see.

They pulled all the kids in for an assembly and a huge thank you to ABW for all the work that has been done

Next day at Sekenani school and looking at the water project. They have a spring up on the hill, about 1 kilometer. We tapped into it and trenched from there to the school. Great water and lots of it, even in the dry season.

There is over 600 girls at this boarding school, they have 3 dormitories so that makes just over 200 gals in each dorm. They sleep two to a bed and they are packed in like sardines. To avoid congestion some of the girls go to bed at 9:30 and then the rest at 10pm. 200 gals in a dorm designed for around 70.

The head teacher and I at the girls school.