Rick Wiebe Travel Blog – Segera Mission

On my way to Segera, this is traffic in Nairobi, absolutely a gong show.

Little fruit stands everywhere alongside the road.

Finally made it to Segera, they have built a new library right next to the school. Anybody know of a way to get books to Kenya? That is the next challenge.

They are moving ahead with building a new clinic. This is an amazing project, I have seen the plans and even though it is small it is going to be so much better than the old one.  Kenyan backhoes and bobcats. The biggest asset that is here is labour, these guys are so happy to be digging as they have no other jobs. We in Canada are incredibly blessed.

This little gal hangs around the school because they feed the kids at lunch, she sneaks in with the group to get a free meal. We think her mom drops her off so that she at least gets one meal a day. Rice and corn.

This little guy was standing a bit away listening to the singing. I asked one of the teachers about him and they said that his family couldn’t afford the school fees. How many of these kids because of a lack of a small amount of money can never get an education.

School starts every morning with assembly, singing and a prayer. This school A Better World started with 4 classrooms and now is producing some of the top marks in the county.

Me with the teachers, what a big lug!!