Saturday 11th: Team Green – Day 7

Today was a more relaxed day for us. After sleeping until 8, we got up and headed to Dorman’s for a delicious cup of coffee.   Charles, our driver, then catered us around town. Our team had wanted to stop at an agricultural shop so Charles took us to a great little shop that sold fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and equipment. This was a chance for us to assess the availability of supplies to local farmers and furthermore, the local school gardens. The shop owner was very generous with her time and information which was a huge benefit to us.

There had been the need to find out what produce was available in local markets in order to determine the demand for different types of crops and what they would fetch in terms of price at the market. We stopped at both the Nakumatt and a roadside vendor, each having a variety of crops. Further down the road, there was a nursery where we looked at ornamental plants that were available. The afternoon was spent relaxing and catching up on things before our safari adventure out to Sweetwater tomorrow.