Saturday, February 17, 2018 – Inspiration all around (Eric’s Trip Blog)

Today’s much-needed inspiration came from 11-year-old Timothy. 10 years ago, when Ray Loxdale and I were working in the Displaced Persons Camp, we met Timothy when he was just 3 months old. I have been following his progress since then. Today I visited him in his adopted parent’s home who also look after 12 other orphaned children. Timothy was doing an assignment for class. Here it is in case you cannot read it in the picture. He wishes to share his story. “My name is Timothy. I am 11 years old. I am in class 5. I am living with my adopted parents. I know my history. I was 3 months old and I was 800 grams when I came here. I pray every day and thank God for my life. Timothy.”

I also met up with former children from EAMO orphanage. Mathew and Maria who are sponsored by ABW donors. They enjoyed buying some much-needed school supplies and clothing. Thanks to Candi for pushing me to do this instead of burying my head in the computer.

Rose and her baby Maya, 6 months old. Rose graduated with a teaching degree in December and is waiting for a teaching position

My final visit today was at the Kadesh Children’s home. Regina runs a very nice home for 12 children. Since she started, 17 children have been adopted out and there are 4 disabled children. When we met Regina in 2008, she was managing another home and now has her own family type of setting for children.