Saturday, February 18, 2017 – Rusoy water opening

Today we had an early start to drive all the way to Kericho. At Tulwap we met with the Walls family who arrived a few days ago to join our team. We also met with the Project Assessment/Research team.

The next priority at Tulwap is toilets. You can see the current condition of some of them below. Many are cracking, and one block has the roof caving in.


Our next stop was at an income generation testing site. The greenhouse and surrounding gardens grow and graft passion fruit (and other produce) to sell to farmers. The area has been extremely dry for the last three months.

The next stop was one of the highlights of the day. Wanda and Winston Jackson, who are travelling with our team, came all the way to Kericho for the grand opening of the Rusoy Water Project. Wanda and Winston are partner donors for the project. The community was overjoyed to meet them, and the whole group was greeted with songs and dancing. During the ceremony, many community members and leaders showed their appreciation for the well that is in use from 5am to as late as 11pm. They especially showed their gratitude for the well during this time of drought.

Hon. Joseph Limo, MP addressing the group.

The last stop was a rural village where we were asked to see 3 children. We were able to assess the children and advise the parents on how to exercise/play with them to improve their conditions. There was promise for improvement.

To end the day, we had a grand celebration with all 3 teams together for the first time! We celebrated Wil’s birthday (part of the Project Assessment team) and Joanne’s 10th trip to Kenya with ABW!