Saturday, February 7, 2015 – Arrived in Kenya

I left Lacombe on Thursday morning to catch a flight from Calgary to Nairobi via Amsterdam.  The road to Calgary was icy with several cars in the ditch.  We had to take 2A to Innisfail and then on to Highway 2.  Thanks to Candi who navigates these roads for me.

Arriving in Kenya at 10 PM on Friday, I experienced 20°C with a nice cool breeze.

I am here a few days earlier to prepare for a 10 member dental team arriving Sunday night and Monday morning.   Dr. Kelvin Hill will lead that team.  More on that later. 

I was up early Saturday to fly to Kisumu to meet with Dr. Tapio, Head of Surgery for Easter Finland University.   Arriving with me on the flight to Kisumu were 10 surgical students from Finland who will spend 12 days operating on 30 children. He also has a team of well experienced surgeons to oversee the operations.

Dr. Tapio has been doing this for 11 years in a partnership agreement with A Better World and ADRA Finland.  He has supervised and/or completed nearly 1,000 surgeries in Kendu Bay where ABW started its first project.

Dr. Tapio with his students at the Kisumu Airport.


Dr. Tapio is also working with and training local ABW Physiotherapist, Bernard Opiyo, who has been here since the beginning of our work in 1990.  We also have an OT, Cyrillia, who will work with this team.


I am here to discuss a wider reach of the surgical program and some of the challenges they are facing.


I finished the meeting and was back on the plane to Nairobi to get things ready for the dental team.
More tomorrow.