Saturday, July 13, 2013 – Last Day in Kenya/ Meeting with the Deputy President, Hon. William Ruto on Table Banking and Vocational School

It was time to say goodbye to Kenya.  39 of the 44 people departed tonight.

Here is the entire team of 44 leaving the Mara


On Arriva in Nairobi, Merle and Eric were invited for a dinner and meeting at the Deputy President’s official residence.

Hon. Ruto has a passion for table banking that was first implemented in Kenya in his constituency.  He also announced to us that the government is committing $4 million this year and $4 million next year to building a vocational school on the 80 acres that was donated to ABW near the Ringa School for this purpose. He asked three MP’s from that area to work on it starting next week.

Merle Jacobson, COO, AFSC ( Alberta Financial Services Corporation) , Hon. Ruto and Eric


Group farewell dinner at the Ole Sereni


Goodbye at the airport to Candi. My wife, Ronda and Kalista and the rest…

Thank you all for a great trip, for your love and friendship