Saturday, July 19 to Tuesday July 21 – Completing Our Tanzanian Mission

We spent  the last few days scoping out lodging and routes in the Serengeti for future group trips as we develop the community near Mombo.  It has been an exciting trip covering a lot of ground.  It is energizing and humbling to have the opportunity to move  a community in great need forward – the real work will begin as soon as I get home.

Back to some scenes in the Serengeti:

Our second night lodging is in this hut like building which has 4 separate units.


View of the Serengeti from our lodge. During the last two nights the lions were roaring right below on the hill of our rooms, keeping us awake.


Today we made it to Lake Manyara and it is another very beautiful setting.  We went for a drive around the lake.


Unexpected visitors for breakfast.


This is as close as I want to get to elephants. Our jeep is no match for these two.image015

We have had an excellent driver and guide. Edwin has pushed us to see more every day, with some days stretching to ten hours of driving. He taught us a lot. It was great to have the help and support of Ray Loxdale who came from Halifax. We have been to six countries together scoping out projects and we have been to Kenya many times.  Thanks very much Ray.  Thanks to Cathy and Harold Roozen of Edmonton for their passion to help people in Tanzania.  Cathy’s  support and dedication is what convinced us to come and look at starting a development project here. We will do all we can to help in another country.


On Tuesday, we will finish up some work in Arusha and I will drive to Nairobi for two more days of work and travel home.

Ray will leave on Tuesday from Arusha and fly to Halifax via Amsterdam.

Thanks for keeping in touch and for following our journey.

Eric and Ray