Saturday, July 25, 2015 – Mombo, Tanzania Water Canal and its impact on the community

Rama took me to a project today that was unbelievable.  It was heartwarming and so rewarding to see how people take initiative and with a little help how we can move them forward much further.  I love these kinds of people who don’t wait around and I can see what they have already accomplished.

Rama took me to a community with a local man who has been working on an irrigation project for the past 12 years.  A very impoverished village is settled in an area where the ground is fertile but there has been no water.  The community has been trenching a canal from a nearby river for 3.5 KM.  Along the Canal they have settled and have been planting all kinds of vegetables and fruit.  The government has given them the land and permission to use the water.  The next 1.5 Km is going to be hard due to the rocky ground and  a big dam will need to be dug at the end of this canal.  This will serve 7500 people with water for everything but drinking.

 Travelling to the village


Arriving at the village  future water experts having a meeting


Cutting through brush we go to the river where the diversion has taken place


The results of water




Domestic use as well



They are willing to give us Rubies at $30/Karat. I know as much about this as sky diving

The community leader is a miner and cuts this in his home.


Rama our guide and project manager


What we can help with is to finish up the 1.5 KM and the water will flow into the dam that will help several other communities.

A lot more investigation is needed to verify some info about population.