Saturday, June 17, 2017 – Janet’s Second Shop in Action

I woke up quite early this morning with the hope of observing wildlife around the Sopa Naivasha Resort. Upon opening the blinds, I was thrilled to see Masai giraffes, waterbucks, and plains zebras grazing several feet behind the lodge. It was a breathtaking – even spiritual – experience to sit on the grass and watch such unique mammals eat breakfast.

After enjoying our breakfast, Eric, Lawrence, Rama, and myself set off to Nakuru: the fourth largest city in Kenya. In Nakuru, we visited Janet. Janet is a local business woman who has benefitted greatly from an ABW micro-finance loan. Her business had grown since, and she was recently able to hire an employee. Janet’s shop helped me by sewing a button onto one of my shirts.

At Janet’s shop, I met John Hinga, an IT consultant. John made the acquaintance of Eric in an IDP camp. He had been assisted by A Better World through school loans and he is now successfully employed.

On the road between Nakuru and Kericho, ABW has 8 previous and current project sites. One of these sites is Ringa Primary, the first school built by A Better World back in 2002. Since there was not enough time to visit all of the current sites, we visited only the two most important. Our first stop was Simotwet, a rural school intended for children 4 years old to junior high built by ABW. One of the current projects at Simotwet is to ECD toilets

We were pleased to see that construction is proceeding on schedule.

Another project at Simotwet is building four secondary classrooms in cooperation with the government so that the school can graduate high school students. The government has begun construction on their two classrooms. The plans were discussed with school board members and a village elder.

Our next stop was at Tulwap primary and secondary school where we met with school board members, community leaders, and engineer Rob. Rob has been overseeing construction of toilets at the school.

There are currently 20 toilets in construction at Tulwap, and an additional 21 being constructed in the surrounding area. Our next plan is to add more water harvesting systems at the school. Currently, we have plans to supply three tanks.

While visiting Tulwap, we were pleased to see a garden flourishing. It was an initiative of the students. The garden is irrigated by water systems put in by ABW.

Eric thanked all the school board members and community leaders for all of their initiative and hard work. The school is very clean and rapid progress is being made.

After wrapping up at Tulwap, our group continued on to Kericho. We drove past kilometers upon kilometers of tea fields. This area of Kenya is known around the world as one of the most important tea producers. We will be spending the night in Kericho at a nice hotel set in the middle of a tea plantation.

Tomorrow will be a long day. We will be driving to Masai Mara with a stop to see one of our newest clinics.