Saturday, March 12, 2016 – Why do girls get married off at age 13?

The lesson today was listening and understanding why the Masai girls are given in marriage at a young age. One being: girls can be a burden which can be turned into a blessing by moving them along to a good family. The minimum that the husband’s family has to give is four cows and one sheep. There is also competition for the girls and the father can negotiate more cows, blankets, and liquor. Tradition and culture also includes giving the daughter to a reputable family at an early age as to avoid men from non-reputable families asking for them.


These girls shared their stories of how thankful they were to be able to be “rescued” from getting married because the dormitories we have built give their parents an excuse to tell the men that their daughters are in school. These girls were the first to attend school from their families. These girls want to be doctors, lawyers, nurses. They spoke English well.


Our students also had a one-on-one discussion with the girls at Loigero about the challenges they face.


Thanks to Debbie and Brian Carlin and the Edmonton Urban Spirits Rotary Club for making this a reality for the Masai girls.


130 girls have registered from grade 4 to grade 8. Forty have moved in and are sleeping on the floor.


A visit to the Masai village is a good learning experience.



It was a long day of hot sun and bad roads and great experiences to share and remember.


Our field studies are over now. We will enjoy the Masai Mara game drives and do our homework for our evening discovery sessions for the next two days. This is great group of students to be with.