Saturday, May 11. 2013 – Bike Delivery day – a dream come true

During a trip to Kenya, four years ago Melissa and Kelly saw the struggles students were faced in getting to school.  Many were walking 5 kilometers or more to come to school.  2 ½ years ago they started working on a project.  In spite of the many obstacles they faced they fulfilled their dreams today. 205 bikes were delivered today.  They brought an incredible team from Calgary to assemble, test and deliver.  The team worked so very hard every day and night to have it all ready and gone today.  It was both emotional and exciting to see it happening.

At 7 AM the tasks of loading three trucks began.

A team photo with the bikes that were assembled


Loading begins



The trucks  arrived at the site and a ribbon cutting ceremony for each truck was held


Many speeches by local people were given.  Joseph Limo the new MP was on hand and has been working with ABW for the past 12 years


Melissa and Kelly were acknowledged very sincerely by the local people


Then the distribution began.  The schools had made a list of the students who walked the furthest.  Two schools benefited from the bikes.  The schools will own the bikes and each year maintain and loan them out. Some teachers also received bikes as well as each school received 5 bikes for their PE class for training and racing.


The principal called out the eligible student’s name and a paper was given to pick up the bike

The  student then had to go and register the bike with a serial number at one of 5 stations

They also got their picture taken with a dignitary.

Lined for registration.  It was all finished in less than two hours


Working behind the scenes in arranging all of the logistics on site was Ed Morris. He has been here for over month and a half helping with many projects including the bike delivery logistics. Here he is on top of the job


Well done Melissa and Kelly.  You fulfilled your dreams and inspired all of us.  Thanks to the entire team from A Better World.

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