Saturday May 11, 2019 – Inspiring Visit To Ndanai Primary School and visiting children with disabilities

After a good breakfast at the hotel, we drove to Ndanai Primary School to visit with teachers, parents, and students at the small home which serves a significant population of children with a wide range of disabilities. We received a warm welcome and learned about the amazing progress being made at the school and in the community.

Meeting with the school officials

A tour with the Deputy Head Teacher revealed the contrast between the old classrooms and the new construction completed by A Better World. Our travelling companion and a generous supporter of the Ndanai school, Scott Sankey, shared his moving story of perseverance and realizing his own potential while living with a disability. Scott currently works in Abu Dhabi, UAE as VP Planning & Commercial at TAQA – Gas and Oil.

Scott shares his personal tragedy with Students, parents and children about disabilities and overcoming challenges

The students in the small home were excited to meet him and inspired by the experiences and encouragement he shared. We were very happy to have Scott and his caretaker Liezl with us for this leg of the journey and we wish them all the best as they continue on to Rwanda with Eric.

After departing Ndanai, myself, Samuelle, Sean, and Dr Kiš met with Beatrice Limo, the wife of the local MP for Kericho county to plan for our data collection this week. Prepared and eager to dive in to the work, we are looking forward to a busy week to come!