Saturday, May 18, 2013 -We saw 82 baby turtles being released into the ocean

Our last day in Lamu was a day to catch up on word and relax before our long trip back to Canada tomorrow.

One of Melissa’s dream came true today and it was also an exciting adventure for all of us.  We boarded our boats meandering through the mangrove trees to arrive on the Indian Ocean beach to see the baby sea turtles hatched and ready to go into the ocean.


Our nest is about to be opened


Here there are 82 of them ready to enter the world.  We are going to make sure that birds or crabs won’t get them before they reach the sea


Very quickly they make their way to the ocean and these little creatures will survive over 30 years and make their way back to the same site to lay their eggs


We then went on a tour of Lamu Town  and that was how we spent the day